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2ABV (2 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) GRC (Ground Rod Couplings)
2CLA (2 Hole Compression Aluminum) GRD (Ground Rod Driver)
3ABV (3 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) GTC (Grounding Tower Clamp)
4ABV (4 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) Ground Rods Hot Dip Galvanized
6ABV (6 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) Ground Rods 304 Solid Stainless-Steel
A (Aluminum Split Bolt) Ground Rods Solid Copper
C (Solid Copper Rods) Ground Rods Pig-Tail
CC (Figure 8 Connector) IBBZ / IBBCU Intersystem Bonding Bridge
CC (1 Hole Compression Lug) IIPC (Insulation Piercing Connector)
CCB (Compression Copper - 1 Hole) ITO (Insulated Tap - Offset)
CCBL (Compression Copper - 2 Hole) ISR (Insulated Splice/Reducer)
CCIT (Economical Indent Type) IPL (Insulated One Side)
CCL (Compression Copper Side) IPLD (Insulated Two-Sided)
CLA (Compression Aluminum - 1 Hole JAB (Heavy Duty Ground Rod Clamps)
CF (Copper Mechanical - Bent) JD (Water Pipe Clamp - Direct Burial)
CFS (Copper Mechanical - Straight) JRD (Rebar Clamp)
CMCT (Compression Tool) K (Bonding Clamp)
CMIT (Mechanical Indent Tool) K (Copper Split Bolts)
CO-OX (Oxide Inhibitor) KCCA (Kenny Clamp)
CR (Cable Retainer) L1 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
CSL (Copper Splice - Long) L2 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
CSS (Copper Splice - Standard) L3 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
DCG (Zinc Die Cast Pipe Clamp) L4 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
DGC (Drive-On Ground Clamp) LA (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
DLA (Dual Conductor - Aluminum Lug) LI (Lay-In Lug)
Drive Studs LIC (Lay-In Lug - Copper)
FLC (Mechanical Lug - Copper) PAC (Parallel Aluminum With Copper Liner)
G (Acorn Clamps) PV (Aluminum Two Conductor Lug)
GC (Dual-Rated Pipe Clamps) S (Tin Plated Copper Split Bolt)
GC (Ground Clamps For Rigid Conduit) SA (Splice Dual-Rated Compression)
GC (Bolted Water Pipe Clamps) SR (Splice/Reducer)
GC (Rigid Conduit With Copper Strap) SRC (Universal Ground Rod Clamp)
GC (Armored Cable) SRC-SS (Stainless Steel Universal Ground Rod Clamp)
GC (Rigid Conduit) TC (Cover For GGPT)
GC (Rigid Conduit With Swivel Hub) TTC (Transformer Tank Connector)
GC (Armored Cable 360° Swivel Type) Tools (Compression)
GGPT (Parallel & Tee Tap) VC (Vice Connectors)
GH (Pipe Clamp Conduct Hub) VC (Transformer Ground Connector)
GLH (Swing Hub)
GP (Ground Plates - Steel)