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2ABV (2 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) GP (Ground Plates - Steel)
2CLA (2 Hole Compression Aluminum) GP100 (Ground Plate Copper - Round)
3ABV (3 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) GRC (Ground Rod Couplings)
4ABV (4 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) GRD (Ground Rod Driver)
6ABV (6 Conductor Al/Cu Connector) GTC (Grounding Tower Clamp)
A (Aluminum Split Bolt) Ground Rods (All)
C (Solid Copper Rods) IBBZ / IBBCU Intersystem Bonding Bridge
CC (Figure 8 Connector) IIPC (Insulation Piercing Connector)
CC (1 Hole Compression Lug) ITO (Insulated Tap - Offset)
CCB (Compression Copper - 1 Hole) ISR (Insulated Splice/Reducer)
CCBL (Compression Copper - 2 Hole) IPL (Insulated One Side)
CCIT (Economical Indent Type) IPLD (Insulated Two-Sided)
CCL (Compression Copper Side) JAB (Heavy Duty Ground Rod Clamps)
CLA (Compression Aluminum - 1 Hole JD (Water Pipe Clamp - Direct Burial)
CF (Copper Mechanical - Bent) JRD (Rebar Clamp)
CFS (Copper Mechanical - Straight) K (Bonding Clamp)
CMCT (Compression Tool) K (Copper Split Bolts)
CMIT (Mechanical Indent Tool) KCCA (Kenny Clamp)
CO-OX (Oxide Inhibitor) L1 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
CR (Cable Retainer) L2 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
CSL (Copper Splice - Long) L3 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
CSS (Copper Splice - Standard) L4 (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
DC58 (Drive Cap) LA (Aluminum Mechanical Connectors)
DCG (Zinc Die Cast Pipe Clamp) LI (Lay-In Lug)
DGC (Drive-On Ground Clamp) LIC (Lay-In Lug - Copper)
DLA (Dual Conductor - Aluminum Lug) PAC (Parallel Aluminum With Copper Liner)
Drive Studs PB (Ground Plate Copper - Square)
FLC (Mechanical Lug - Copper) PV (Aluminum Two Conductor Lug)
G (Acorn Clamps) S (Tin Plated Copper Split Bolt)
GC (Dual-Rated Pipe Clamps) SA (Splice Dual-Rated Compression)
GC (Ground Clamps For Rigid Conduit) SR (Splice/Reducer)
GC (Bolted Water Pipe Clamps) SRC (Universal Ground Rod Clamp)
GC (Rigid Conduit With Copper Strap) SRC-SS (Stainless Steel Universal Ground Rod Clamp)
GC (Armored Cable) TC (Cover For GGPT)
GC (Rigid Conduit) TTC (Transformer Tank Connector)
GC (Rigid Conduit With Swivel Hub) Tools (Compression)
GC (Armored Cable 360° Swivel Type) U Dies (For Hand Compression Tool)
GGPT (Parallel & Tee Tap) VC (Vice Connectors)
GH (Pipe Clamp Conduct Hub) VC (Transformer Ground Connector)
GLH (Swing Hub)