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Galvan Industries' New 2015 Catalog Features Latest In Ground Rods, Clamps And Connectors

Galvan Industries’ new full-color product catalog, available for immediate download as a PDF file, features complete information on the company’s extensive selection of ground rods and accessories, plus the latest ground rod specs from the NEC, NESC and RUS. Click here to request a printed copy. Galvan manufactures galvanized ground rods, stainless steel ground rods, copper-plated ground rods and solid copper ground rods. {news listings}

Galvan Introduces Intersystem Bonding Bridges To Meet NEC 250.94 Requirements
Galvan Industries is now offering contractors two popular types of intersystem bonding bridge connectors. The UL-Listed IBBZ (die-cast zinc) and IBBCU (copper alloy) both meet 2011 and 2014 NEC 250.94 requirements for Intersystem Bonding Termination.  {news listings}

UTILITY NEWS: 10-mil Copper Coatings On Listed Rods Now Fully Approved By RUS
No longer "conditional", Galvan's UL-Listed 6258 (5/8" x 8’) copper-coated ground rod with 10-mils of copper plating are now fully approved for the RUS market. UL-Listed 10-mil sectional rods are also fully approved, along with the appropriate couplings and drive studs. This provides an opportunity to realize cost savings for both end-users and distributors. {Download document directly from RUS website.} 

Montambo Transitions To Semi-retirement After 17 Years as Electrical VP
A new era begins at Galvan Industries, Inc., as Roger Montambo steps down from his post as Vice President of Electrical Products on April 1 after 17 years of service.

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Galvan Welcomes Wesley Fritsche as National Sales Manager
Galvan Industries, Inc. has announced the appointment of Wesley Fritsche as a National Sales Manager with the Electrical Products Group. Wesley comes to Galvan from Littelfuse, where he most recently was involved in sales management capacities.

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Galvan Awards Top Reps At National Meeting
alvan Electrical announced its sales representative award winners for 2014 at the 2015 Annual NEMRA (National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association) Conference, held January 28 - 31 in San Diego.

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Galvan Adds Ground Rod Kit To Grounding Electrode Offering
Galvan's new Ground Rod Electrode Kit is easy to install, ship and handle, and it complies with UL 467. Designated part number 6258R-KIT, it is NEC and NESC compliant, perfect for contractors and convenient for DIY-ers. The kit includes two four-foot threaded copper-coated rods, a threaded coupling, a drive stud and a UL-Listed ground rod clamp. {news listings}

Galvan Delivers Customer Satisfaction With Packing List Protocol
Galvan has taken steps to eliminate customer receiving problems caused by lost packing slips. This includes making the packing slip location more visible and establishing standard protocols for the placement and protection of this important document.

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Galvan Threadless Couplings Guarantee Secure Connection Of NEMA GR-1 Copper-Coated Rods
Galvan Industries’ threadless couplings for copper-coated rods will securely connect any manufacturers' rods that are built to the design parameters of the ANSI Approved /NEMA GR-1 ground rod spec. That's because, like our ground rods, our couplings are built to spec, too.

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Galvan Announces $2 Million In "Green Manufacturing" Initiatives

Galvan has invested more than $2 million in its galvanizing and copper plating operations to increase ground rod manufacturing capacity and reduce environmental impact. Both operations employ "closed loop" systems that completely eliminate hazardous wastes while improving the company's ability to meet growing customer demand. {news listings}

Galvan Announces Four-Conductor and Six-Conductor Panelboard Connectors, 500 KCMIL to 4 AWG thru 750 KCMIL to 1/0 AWG

Galvan's 4ABV and 6ABV models are dual-rated aluminum solderless connectors that provide a rare combination of conductor size and connection capacity. {news listings}

Galvan Electrical Introduces Universal Ground Rod Driver
Galvan Electrical Products has announced the introduction of a universal ground rod driver to its line of grounding products, connectors and tools. The Galvan GRDU is a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for the installation of all 5/8" and 3/4" ground rods without the need for ladders, power tools or hammers.   

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Improved Kenny Clamps satisfy all NEC standards for bonding grounding electrode conductors to enclosures

The Improved Kenny Clamp connector bonds grounding electrode conductors to panelboards, switchboards, cutout boxes, metallic conduit, boxes and transformer enclosures, meeting the requirements of NEC 250.8 and NEC 312.5(A).

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UTILITIES: Galvan Drive-On Rod Clamps Make Easier, More Secure Connections
Galvan Drive-On Rod Clamps save time and money compared to exothermic or compression connectors. They are low-cost, easy to install and tamper resistant.   {news listings}

Ground Rod Color Coding Updated

To Reflect Changes In National Codes

Galvan Electrical has updated the color-coding system for its copper and galvanized ground rods to reflect national code changes that affect some rod diameters. Color coding identifies rod diameters and reduces inventory and installation problems. {news listings}

Solid Copper Ground Rods Now Available From Galvan Electrical

Galvan now has solid copper ground rods offering excellent corrosion resistance and superior conductivity. Made in the USA.  {news listings}

Galvan Copper Plated And Galvanized Pigtail Rods Are RUS Accepted
Galvan offers copper ground rods and galvanized ground rods in pigtail configurations with conductors factory welded. This makes installation easier and eliminates problems caused by clamps that can loosen over time.   

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Galvan F-Series Full-Size Ground Rods Now CSA Listed for Use in US And Canada
Galvan Industries full-sized F-Series hot dip galvanized ground rods are now clearly marked with the CSA-listed symbol, manufacturer's identification and part number.  Marking for traceability is required by RUS.  {news listings}







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Galvan is your best choice for quality copper coated ground rods, galvanized ground rods, stainless steel ground rods and solid copper ground rods, plus a full range of ground rod clamps, grounding pipe clamps, connectors and accessories. Specifiers in the electrical, telecom and utility fields rely on Galvan. Our products meet ASTM, ANSI, UL and RUS standards.

"I live along a lake and have tried in a lot of different locations to drive an 8 foot ground rod. I'm not able to get more then 4 feet down. Could I bond two 4 foot lengths to make one 8 foot to have enough ground protect for my boat dock?"      

Answer:  Two separate but bonded four-foot ground rods do not equal one eight-foot ground rod in the eyes of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Ground rod electrodes must be a minimum of eight feet in length per the NEC. Also, the latest versions of the code no longer accept the use of a single grounding electrode in most cases.  A possible option for you would be the use of two grounding plates, like the Galvan GP series, bonded together and installed at least six feet apart at a minimum of 30 inches below the surface of the earth.


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